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Pregnant Women With Higher Exposure to Phthalates

We have so many conveniences and benefits in our world today, but those conveniences can come with cautions. Fortunately we have research-based information that can help us make healthier choices especially for our babies and young children. 

Potentially hormone-disrupting phthalates are found in lotions, personal care products and children's toys. According to research, pregnant women with higher exposure to phthalates, have children with more behavioral problems and lower test scores. I found information in Rodale News notes -  that while we likely will not find phthalates listed on product labels, they hide inside the majority of personal-care products, air fresheners, scented candles, laundry products and more. 

Thankfully there are other products that are phthalate and BPA free. 

More Cautions
Here's another current study warning that well-child doctor visits are a risk for contracting flu-like illnesses within two weeks of the visit. When visiting the doctor, try not to let your child play with the office-toys. And most importantly wash hands as soon as possible. 

Be informed!
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