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Crib Mattresses Release Harmful Chemicals

So you're saying, "Let's go tuck our little baby into her crib...all snug as a bug!"
Little do you know the potential dangers now in the crib mattresses!

I found this recent article. Crib mattresses are releasing high levels of chemicals and our babies are highly susceptible to the effects of these indoor pollutants. Given the results of the study the authors said,  "We need to better understand the complex sleep micro environment to improve it and reduce the harmful effects of related pollutants on infant.”

Take matters into your own hands and do your homework if manufacturers aren't going to be forthcoming of materials used. Here's one website I found on an organic crib mattress.

Don't forget the same potentially harmful chemicals that are in these mattresses are also found in household cleaning and consumer products. Watch the video and learn more here.

Make it a great day!

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