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About Julie 
I’m so excited that you stopped by!

My name is Julie. I've always loved natural healing and have been studying herbs and nutrition for years. I love that we have just about everything we need for healing on this planet. Some people take what a doctor says as gospel and don’t investigate. I hope to share on this site just some simple alternatives to help in our everyday lives. 

Another thing I love to do is crafting, it kind of runs in my family. My sister is an artist. I've made all my kids costumes over the years and more! I’ll be posting crafts as I’m inspired. Hope you'll be inspired too! 

Finally, my life changing moment.  I had tried different “work-from-home” opportunities. I always had to buy expensive products no one would normally use or buy. Over 16 years ago, I found something that changed my family’s life, especially my son who has asthma and eczema! I never thought that I could do something I loved and help so many people! 

I look forward to connecting with you!