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Ultimate Brown Paper Bag Crafting

So what's this made of? Is it metal? Is it plastic? No it's Brown Paper Bag!
Yes from a far off time in the 1990's I learned from Aleene's Creative Living Show how to do this.
I LOVED that show! I now watch them at
I watched Heidi Borchers take layers of brown paper bag and Aleene's tacky glue and Burn it!
YES, Burn it to get a metal like effect!
My daughter loves Harry Potter and wanted the Leaky Cauldron sign to hang by her room.
I ALWAYS say to myself...hmmm I think I can make that!
And here it is!
I would use popsicle sticks or heavy wire to stabalize it between the layers of brown paper bag,

You can see the thin wire I used from the top of the hat into the scroll.

I burned the wet glue in stages.
I used a little silver Rub N Buff . 
You choose the type of metal effect you want.
I take a little on my finger and lightly rub it over the project.
Use a soft paper towel or tissue to wipe off excess.

I actually made the brackets to screw in the wall.

And here is my daughter with her early Christmas present.

Make it a great day!

P.S. I think my next project will be roosters but I think I'll use the brown paper bag, glue and paint for that faux enamel look to hang in my kitchen!
Mom Workin' At Home!


  1. AWESOME Julie! I'm headed off to share this at Cool2Craft. Thank you SO much for sharing!!

  2. Julie I just love your crafting witch. This is something that I will add to my home as well. I just LOVE IT!!

  3. Thank you so much Tiffany! I am so honored! :)

  4. Hey Julie
    Loved what you did!
    Where can i find the template to make one?
    It looks Great!

    1. Thank you!
      I basically copied the photo from Amazon and fit it in Word to the size I wanted then printed it. Hope that helps! 😊

    2. I created a PDF with templates and instructions which can be found at the top of the article. Let me know if you're able to print it properly. Thanks!

  5. Can i ask you to pls sent me the word file? In not very good at copping things :(

  6. no... Can you help mewith it? how can i send you my email Privately?

  7. You can connect with me on Facebook 😊

  8. never mind :) go it! cant wait to start working on it :) thanx for your help Julie :)

    1. Please send me a photo of your finished project!

  9. Friend me! 😀😁😉🤗🙂