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South Western Style Wall Art

When I see things in catalogs, many times I think to myself, "Hey, I can make that!" I saw some south western pots and wall art and started brain storming. I had the idea of making a "faux-pot" to hang on the wall.

I used some scrap wood and my RotoZip power tool. You can also use a scroll saw. I just traced a pot design and cut it out. I then made a stencil from a "Southwest Scroll Saw Patterns"

I painted the wood all black with acrylic paint. Then using an acrylic turquoise color, sponged in the stencils. I wanted to add a little something and sponged Tulip Paint in a bronze color to add dimension by dabbing lightly. I then made bread dough and made a turquoise colored bead and glued it over a feather and onto the wood.
If you notice, there was a knot and split in the wood which I thought just added to the piece.
I also did the back side. You can get frame hangers that you just glue on to hang on the wall.
Self Adhesiv Hngrs Lrg 2pk Cd ( Large Adhesive Hangers, 2/Pkg. )
I really enjoy working with wood. Definitely a fun and fast project.
Make it a great day!

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