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How to Make Edward Scissorhand Gloves


My daughter wanted to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween.  I made these gloves for her. She has the black pants, boots and leather jacket.
I got gray colored poster board. It was rather thin so I cut it in half, kept the gray on the outside and then with white glue, glued the sheets together.
I found stretchy gloves in Walmart for $2. Using a ruler I just started measuring out the "knives"..thumbs are shorter, then the index finger is longer, middle finger longest...12 inches then next a little shorter.
I cut out the "knives" with a scissor. If you have a matt board and cutter you could definitely use that and get a sharper edge.  I then used Aleene's Box Maker to score the indentation of the "blades".

If you don't have the box maker just use a ruler and an embossing tool or stylus, even a broken pencil.
I had to wear the gloves to stretch them out so I could hot glue the blades to the glove.  

I only glued on the upper part of the finger so it could be free and flexible.

I had so much fun making these gloves!

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  1. Thanks so much for the great directions and pictures! They came out wonderful!

  2. I found a few directions online for the scissor hands but yours were the best looking and easiest to do. Thanks for posting!