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Tomato Cage Decor!

I have been wanting to make a decorative tree for years. I have some empty spaces in my home that I'd like to add some interest. I also have a desk where you can see all the wires behind it and wanted to find a way to "hide" them. Well, this past summer, I finally purchased some tomato cages at Home Depot. They are really inexpensive..about $3.

My first design is for the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.
I bought some fall leaf garland at the dollar store along with some fake squash.
I wired the 3 "legs" of the tomato cage. When wiring, I wrapped under and over as well then hot glued to really secure.
Then, starting at the top, I draped the garland on an angle down and around. There were some large spaces so I even hotglued a fewleaves to hold in place to fill in those open spaces.

I then took some artificial squash I had left over and put at the top to hide the leg tips;
I then added lights for the final touch!
It was pretty simple and fun!
I'm planning on doing one for Christmas and another just to use year round with Ivy Garland.
Tell me your thoughts or any other suggestions!
Make it a great day!

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