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Lowering Blood Pressure, A Journey

A lot of times we get wrapped up in the routine of life, all the responsibilities and needs that swirl around our minds and lives every day. For 12 years I worked 2 part time jobs, one at home and one at night so I could be there for my kids. It wasn't all hardship. Most of the  time I had fun with the wonderful people I worked with, but as life would have it, the stresses take their toll on our bodies.

After finding a different job with the benefits we needed, I found I had extremely high blood pressure. To be exact, 200/100. My dad had heart disease, but his diet in his younger life was terrible and he was over weight and died at 57. When the doctor told me how high my blood pressure was I freaked and said, "Do I have clogged arteries?" I said that because that's what I knew from my dad's health situation.
"No", the doctor said, "it's from stress".

Wow! I knew I would get stressed out and anxious but didn't know it could raise my blood pressure that high! I was put on a beta-blocker, Metropolol Succinate. It brought my blood pressure down but along with it came the side effects: tiredness, achy painful legs, extremely low pulse and weight gain. I didn't feel like myself. It stopped the adrenaline rush thereby stopping anxiety and lowering blood pressure. It was just a weird feeling. For sure, the medication did it's job but in the process I lost myself and feeling normal.

I knew I had to make a change and it was right in my face! 

I had been shopping at the largest online health company for over 12 years. They have safer, better, less expensive patented products. I knew about their nutritionals so I started their clinically tested Heart Pack immediately. This heart health system is unrivaled using the very best natural ingredients!

Fast forward six months, and my blood pressure was going really low!  The nutritionals helped!  I incorporated the Heart Pack  (read the clinical study - did interval training on my Nordictrack.
That's where you exercise one minute or 30 seconds as hard as you can then relax and go easy for 2 minutes. Exercise is like a prescription drug. It strengthens the heart, thereby the heart doesn't have to pump as hard to push the blood through the body. I also used my stationary bike and Leslie Sansone Walk Aerobics. You can do any kind of aerobics to keep your heart rate up! I also eat Access Bars before working out which helps access fat before glucose, stop lactic acid build up in the muscles so no more sore muscles and also gives me energy!

Here's a great trainer that you can follow for an interval training workout on Youtube.The workout is 44 minutes but you just do what you can and build up. You don't have to use an elliptical machine. He shows you all the ways you can easily workout. He has so many great videos and also information on intermittent fasting which has been shown to help all areas of your health.

Here's another one that is 30 minutes. It shows a bicycle but you can do any kind of aerobic activity using his timing.

Long story short,almost a year to the day I started the drug and after explaining everything and showing the doctor the supplements, he allowed me off the medicine! The pharmacist said alarmingly, "What?? You're going off? Does your doctor know?"  I explained to her how my pressure was going way low, my pulse was 43!! My BP would go 112/67 or lower. I had to go off very slowly, getting a half dose then skipping days. You MUST go slowly.

For several months my anxiety/fast heart rate came back because the adrenaline wasn't shut off anymore by the medication and so my heart was beating hard and fast when I got stressed. 

I started my journey. What else could I do? In addition to the Heart Pack, I tried Luminex which I discussed with my doctor. It's  a blend: dried griffonia seed, St. John's Wort extract, vitamin B12, and folate. It's used to help mild depression and anxiety. This helped! 

You can make small changes in your life so you don't have to deal with the possibility of health issues! So do yourself and your body a favor, learn more about these wonderful products and store! 

Peace of mind, period.

Here's Part 2 of this article with more information on lowering blood pressure! 
Learn about sugar, celery, hibiscus and MORE!

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Have a truly wonderful and blessed day!


  1. Thanks for the tip on the exercise! I'm going to try it. I signed up for the video so please call me. Can't wait to learn all the other ways you deal with your blood pressure. Sue

  2. Hi Sue, I'll be posting another article with information on certain foods that literally act like blood pressure medications!