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"Superbugs" - Protect Yourself

I found this article.  
Study: Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA ‘Superbug’ Found In US Homes study shows that the homes of people who are infected with MRSA also have MRSA in their homes on household surfaces.

"...the new study shows that the MRSA has spread into average U.S. homes....Uhlemann and fellow researchers took samples from those affected by MRSA strains along with samples of a comparison group of people how had not fallen ill. The researchers then took samples from these patients’ household surfaces and other social contacts to see if the bacteria had spread.
Ultimately, the research showed that many homes outside of just those affected by MRSA were “major reservoirs” for the MRSA strain, USA300, which HealthDay notes is the primary cause of MRSA infections in communities throughout the country. Bedding, clothes and other everyday surfaces used by someone affected by MRSA are suggested to be cleaned by bleach and hot water, although Uhlemann says the role of surfaces in transmitting the disease is not “well delineated.”
“We can’t just treat the person with the infection,” Uhlemann told HealthDay. “We have to attempt to remove the (MRSA) colonization from the home,” and another MRSA expert not involved in the study added that the new study “confirms what we’ve suspected all along.

Something as natural as Melaleuca oil can clear the MRSA colonization. The following  research studies found that Melaleuca oil or "tea tree oil",  "eradicates and reduces MRSA infection" 

I've been using an EPA approved natural disinfectant and high grade Melaleuca oil.  There is no evidence to suggest that tea tree oil induces resistance to antimicrobial agents. 

People need to be aware that there are natural alternatives to protect themselves from antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Remember to disinfect outside doorknobs to homes, cell phones, remote controls, keyboards, light switches, oven knobs, counters, railings, faucets, cabinet knobs, night stand drawers, dresser drawer knobs, appliances. If you're using a commercial disinfectant   contain neurotoxins and you MUST be careful using it around food, children and pets, HUMANS.   If you're using a botanical disinfectant no need for concern. 

 Tea tree oil 'no threat to antibiotics'
Effect of habituation to tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil on the subsequent susceptibility of Staphylococcus spp. to antimicrobials, triclosan, tea tree oil, terpinen-4-ol and carvacrol


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