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Crest Toothpaste Embeds Plastic in Our Gums.

"when you have hundreds of pieces of plastic being scrubbed into your gums each day that are even smaller than a millimeter, many of them are getting trapped"

I just found this article and  you can read it for yourself at Dental Buzz. I'm amazed at what some manufacturers are using in their products that are detrimental to our health!

"But do you see those blue specks? - Polyethylene. That’s plastic. This is the suggested pea-sized amount that you should use when you brush your teeth. Yes, there is plastic in this toothpaste."
Did you know that polyethylene is the most common plastic in the world? It is used primarily for containers and packaging, such as these bottles and plastic grocery bags, and has been a concern for the environment because polyethylene lasts practically forever and isn’t biodegradable. It only breaks down into smaller and smaller particles until you can’t see it anymore. That’s why a couple of states are trying to ban it in body scrubs and dental products.

We absolutely have the right to choose what we eat, drink and put in our bodies and on our bodies. I certainly do not use these types of products. I made the switch many years ago.
Non-toxic options

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Make it a SAFE great day!

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