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How to Make 3D Ornaments

I was commissioned to make ornaments for my company's logo's and decided to make some 3D.
It is a bit time consuming but in doing these I found that this open's up endless possibilities!

Here are a few of the logos:

I took it a step further and made a personalized ornament. I searched online for a "house", cut it out, cut out the windows and put family member photos in the windows. Use Foam Adhesive Squares over a duplicate of the photo for that 3D effect. I used Snow-Tex for the fake snow and Confetti Party Ice to sprinkle on the snow for that shimmer. The possibilities for decorating are endless. Choose your background.

From these came this 6 inch acrylic ornament.

This is the back of the family photo half.

This was the background. I cut out more trees to decorate. You can pick anything for the background.
The large house just went over top the log cabin. Take time sizing it under the ornament half.

Lots of fun and the result is so satisfying.

Make it a great day!


  1. I'm starting early making ornaments. Did you use some sort of cardboard in between? How did you do it? Thank you! Beautiful!

  2. Thank you! There is so much you can do with these. I use cereal box cardboard and trace the ornament side on it. I then cut in a little bit extra with the scissor and using Tacky Glue, glue it to the side with the edge. I then use Tacky Glue for long term hold and hot glue for quick hold when sealing the two sides together. Be sure everything is lined up. Look at the side, make sure it's exactly as you like it, then GLUE! I do little dabs and a fine point glue gun. Hope this helps!

  3. Wow! These are amazing! Could you do a video so we can see more? I love the idea...such a great Christmas gift idea!! Thank you for posting!