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Sore muscles? A Study - What Not to Do!

Many athletes, after finishing a major event like a marathon or even just daily workouts will be certain to get sore muscles. So what do they turn to? Over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen.
They'll take them even before exercising thinking they won't be sore afterwards.

I found a study published in the  journal “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,” titled "Aggravation of Exercise-Induced Intestinal Injury by Ibuprofen in Athletes" focused specifically on the use of ibuprofen by athletes as a way of preventing pain. The findings showed that ibuprofen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug(NSAID),may have potentially hazardous effects on   the gatrointestinal lining.

The study’s researchers noted that any strenuous athletic exercise is likely to cause small intestinal injuries. The question, however, is whether ibuprofen aggravates the injuries so much that athletes should either eliminate or cut back on the drug.

Dr. Heather Gillespie, who practices sports medicine at the University of California Los Angeles Medical Center in Santa Monica, Calif., is among those who believe athletes should be cautious about taking ibuprofen before exercising.

“There’s more and more evidence to show that there is some (intestinal) damage, and this study points to that,” Gillespie said.

She said health care providers have known for some time that routine use of ibuprofen can lead to significant gastrointestinal and kidney problems. Using the drug before exercise, in anticipation of pain, also may not be a wise choice. Still, Gillespie said, the practice is common among athletes who take this over-the-counter drug without real concern for the possible side effects.

I also found out at WebMD that Ibuprofen can raise blood pressure!

I think the point here is that we have a choice and can find alternatives for our health concerns. Ultimately, we're going to have some sort of aches and pains when working out. 

But did you know why you're achy? During exercise, the body produces adenosine, which slows fat burning and promotes fatigue, soreness, and reduced muscle contraction. Well, how can you stop that? Dr. Lawrence Wang, through studying hibernating ground squirrels, found a way to block adenosine so you can more easily convert fat into fuel and increase endurance with less fatigue and soreness associated with exercise.

Tammy van Wisse, an experienced endurance athlete, has used this product in her many marathon swims! She swam the mystical Loch Ness in Scotland!

I think she is incredible! I'd be afraid of Ol' Nellie coming up and biting my toes!!!

She also swam by NYC, breaking the 
Battery Park to Sandy Hook record set in 1925.

We all have a choice! I know before every workout I have my Access Bar or shake. I absolutely love it. I have more energy and no more sore leg muscles!

What do you think? Let me know!

Make it a great day!


  1. I totally agree Julie, any of those over the counter drugs alleve, motrin effect our kidneys. Drink a good protein shake that helps those muscles recover properly, and if you think you need ibuprofen before a workout, then you also need a day or to off from exercise. Muscles need rest also!! Thank for posting Julie!!

  2. That was great. Keep up the good work. and I love your pic at the end...Great Job on your Blog!!!

  3. I didn't know about Tammy van Wisse. Will have to look her up!

  4. thanks for the great post and information Julie!!!!

  5. Good post! And, the best part is that the Access bar tastes more like a candy bar then a typical exercise bar. Don't you think?

  6. OMG! They taste so good! I put the mint chocolate ice Access bars in the freezer and they are so awesome! THe Chocolate Caramel Kruncher is so that a word? LOL I love the CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) in it. Such great fat blasting benefits!

  7. That's just amazing what Tammy did! Thanks for posting! Oh and no more ibuprofen for me!