Why are you still using harmful, unsafe products like Clorox in your home?

I wanted to share this testimonial because so many people unknowingly are harming themselves and their families with common household cleaning products that are dangerous but also don't even work! Chlorine bleach aggravates the membranes in the lower respiratory system causing shortness of breath and wheezing. 
Chlorine bleach is not a cleaner. It doesn’t get rid of grime, dirt or stains. What it can do is make color invisible to the naked eye, making us think it’s getting rid of stains.
But can it truly disinfect? Can it kill germs?

This is after checking the test samples the next morning.
Let the science experiment begin!!
A friend of mine has a friend who is a pharmacist & wanted to put the SAFE disinfectant I use to the test....

She ordered some Petri dishes and swabbed the absorbent pad that comes under your raw chicken. One was left untouched (control).
One was sprayed with the Dept. of Health standard sanitizer mixture of bleach and water.
One was sprayed with the safe disinfectant I use, Sol-u-guard

She then put them in a warm spot next to her computer. The photo you see is after checking them the next morning. As you can see the bleach and water sample has overgrowth of bacteria and the Soluguard has no growth at all.

(Soluguard can be used to replace bleach and Lysol in daycare centers, hospital rooms, etc...
EPA #'s: 66251-2, 66251-ID-001, 66251-ID-003, 66251-TN-001
Patent #'s: 7642227 & 7851430)

For many years I have been shopping directly from an online manufacturer. ALL products are safe, non-toxic and they work! Sol-U-Guard Botanical:
►Kills over 99.9% of common household germs
►Powered by thyme oil and citric acid
►Cleans & disinfects without chlorine bleach, harsh fumes, or harmful residue.

 So why are you still using harmful, unsafe products like bleach and Lysol in your home?

There are safer options that work better and are EPA approved for use in hospitals and schools!




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