Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dirtiest Food... but Don't Wash It? Watch this video!

When I saw this I thought, "How can this be?" But it's true! Just watch the video and the "Ah-Ha" moment will hit you!


Your risk of food-borne illness is magnified if you fail to follow safe handling instructions. For example, washing your chicken increases your risk of food poisoning, as it allows dangerous campylobacter bacteria to spread. As reported by Fox News:

"When washed, campylobacter from raw chicken can be transferred into water droplets, which may splash onto neighboring surfaces, hands, clothing, and cooking utensils. If the campylobacter bacteria are ingested directly or via unwashed cutting boards and utensils, they can cause campylobacteriosis, characterized by symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, and fever."
Another important safety tip is to designate separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables. Do not cut vegetables on the same cutting board you just used to prepare your chicken (or other meats). Besides avoiding cross contamination in your kitchen, also make sure you cook the chicken thoroughly, to kill off any potentially harmful bacteria.

Don't think using Lysol or Chlorox Wipes will solve your problem either! They're toxic! 
They are neurotoxins and carcinogenic.

Where do I buy cleaning products that are safe for my kids and the environment and don't cost an arm and a leg? From a company that cares about all that I’ve written above and a whole lot more!

I’m not an expert, I’m not a scientist or a Doctor, but I’ve done my research and wanted to share what I’ve learned. 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Megan Fox, "Sexiest Woman in the World" Her take on Pregnancy and Motherhood

I came upon an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine and Megan Fox. Megan is married to actor Brian Austin Green and they have two children. The 28-year-old Megan Fox wouldn't be the obvious choice for being a spokeswoman for mothers. She was named "Sexiest Woman In The World and was the star of the  "Transformers" series.

Writer, Laurie Sandell asked Megan if pregnancy was "hot or not"? Megan replied with "hot." "You are creating a life inside you," she said, "who will become a person who will change the course of history, no matter what they do."

She went on to say, "there's a power that comes with having a child" because "you've done something incredible that no man could ever do or understand."

"I'm grateful for my career, but I also resent it because it takes me away from the thing I feel I'm meant to be doing," she admitted. At another point, she disclosed, "Once you become a mother especially a working mother, you feel like you can never give enough of yourself."

Another issue Megan considered "hot"? Monogamy. "There's no other option. You can't be in a relationship without monogamy."

Megan said "I'm grateful for my career, but I also resent it because it takes me away from the thing I feel I'm meant to be doing," she admitted. At another point, she disclosed, "Once you become a mother especially a working mother, you feel like you can never give enough of yourself."

So many women feel the same way about working and leaving their children in day care or with other family or friends, but there are other options where you can be successful and work from home! Do some research here that can inevitably change your life!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sugar - Metabolic Syndrome - Big Problem!

Sugar - Metabolic Syndrome - 
it's a BIG problem in our society!
If you want to learn more and make a difference in your health and your family's health, visit my website here

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

If You or Loved One Are on Statins

 Someone passed this article on to me and I thought it was well worth reading and definitely "food" for thought!

Eat, drink and be buried

 By William C. Douglass, MD
He's on his third plate of
deep-fried tater tots, and he's wearing more ketchup than
he's eating. His extra-large belly is sagging out of his
medium-sized T-shirt like a Hefty bag full of Jell-O.
But he's not your garden variety slob -- he's just a
fella trying to lower his cholesterol. And if you don't believe
him, check his medicine cabinet.
A new UCLA study proves that millions of folks are
treating their prescriptions for dangerous cholesterol-lowering
statins like a free pass to an all-you-can-eat buffet.
Researchers followed the eating habits of statin users for a decade
and found these pill poppers are eating just
about anything the Burger King or his legions of fast-food princes
throw their way. Over the past 10 years, folks on statins have
increased their caloric intake by HUNDREDS of calories a day.
And it's all because they're mistaking those tiny pills for a
bullet-proof vest.
You see, most folks taking statins waddle into their doctors'
offices fat, out of shape, and sicker
than a flea-ridden dog. And they're not looking to change their
lifestyles -- they want a quick fix. They want a license to eat
whatever they want without EVER worrying about their cholesterol or
heart disease again.
And Big Pharma has been using statins to make that promise for
years --even if that promise is a load of bull.
The moment you swallow that first statin
pill, you may never be healthy again. Statins have been linked to
everything from brain disease to cancer, and a University of
Missouri found they actually may BLOCK the benefits of exercise.
So if you're taking Crestor or Lipitor as part of a plan to get
yourself in shape, you'd probably have a better
chance playing the lottery.
Friend, wake up -- statins are mainstream "symptom control"
treatment at its very ugliest. If you're tipping the scales at
300 pounds, do you really think statins are the answer you've
been waiting for? High cholesterol isn't your problem. It's a
SYMPTOM of your overeating problem -- and that problem is going to
kill you.
Shockingly, according to this latest UCLA study, doctors may not
even be counseling patients on weight loss
strategies before handing over a bottle of these risky pills.
If your cholesterol numbers are climbing like the national
debt --  stop looking inside a pill bottle and start looking in
your refrigerator. Load up on healthy proteins, and
cut out the carbs and added sugar for good.
In fact, start skipping the middle aisles of the supermarket
completely -- just stick with meats, fruits and
vegetables. Odds are, the next time your doc sees you, he'll
get the message that you're treating the cause of your unhealthy
lifestyle --and not just the symptoms.
A chuckle a day keeps the doctor away
Ever have one of those days? The neighbor's dog won't stop
barking... someone is parked in your space... and a bill arrives
marked "Past Due" even though you KNOW you've paid it.
When life's stresses get you wound up tighter than a banjo string, you
don't need some Big Pharma happy pill or a dangerous muscle relaxer.
What you DO need is a good laugh.
A new study from Loma Linda University in California has found
that a good, deep belly laugh produces the same relaxing effect on
your brain as a full mediation session! Thirty-one research volunteers
were shown videos that were either amusing, spiritual, or distressing
(maybe an Obama campaign video?).
Turns out funny videos produced the same healing gamma waves
your brain generates when you meditate.
And that's not just good news for you -- it's FANTASTIC news for me.
Because let me tell you something -- if
you ever find me lying on the floor humming, I'm not
meditating. I'm having a stroke.
New Age healing has never really been my thing. But if I can
relax and give my brain a workout by watching a few Archie Bunker
re-runs, sign me up!
The truth is, the way you handle stress has an enormous impact on
your health. A poor stress response can make you fat, trigger heart
disease and can even cause cancer!
And the mainstream doesn't have any answers for
you -- but the Smothers Brothers might. So the next time you're
feeling stressed, pop in a DVD of your favorite comedy show and put your
feet up. You may be adding years to your life one chuckle at a time.
Always a laugh a minute,
William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crest Toothpaste Embeds Plastic in Our Gums.

"when you have hundreds of pieces of plastic being scrubbed into your gums each day that are even smaller than a millimeter, many of them are getting trapped"

I just found this article and  you can read it for yourself at Dental Buzz. I'm amazed at what some manufacturers are using in their products that are detrimental to our health!

"But do you see those blue specks? - Polyethylene. That’s plastic. This is the suggested pea-sized amount that you should use when you brush your teeth. Yes, there is plastic in this toothpaste."
Did you know that polyethylene is the most common plastic in the world? It is used primarily for containers and packaging, such as these bottles and plastic grocery bags, and has been a concern for the environment because polyethylene lasts practically forever and isn’t biodegradable. It only breaks down into smaller and smaller particles until you can’t see it anymore. That’s why a couple of states are trying to ban it in body scrubs and dental products.

We absolutely have the right to choose what we eat, drink and put in our bodies and on our bodies. I certainly do not use these types of products. I made the switch many years ago.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Toxins in Your Tea!

Something else that we need to watch! Is everything we eat and drink tainted?
This article dated April 24th, 2014 at shares several studies which tested teas for heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants.

"In November 2013, a class action lawsuit filed in California alleged that Celestial Seasonings 100% Natural teas contained contaminants in levels exceeding federal standards. There are a number of possible contaminants in tea other than pesticides, many of them labeled as ‘natural flavoring’. ‘Natural’ does not necessarily mean that it’s something you would really want to eat. Many of the most popular teas are said to contain toxic pesticides, including Lipton, Tetley and Bigelow.
Overall, Europe has stricter standards than the U.S. regarding what is or is not acceptable. In the countries where the tea is grown, it is usually considered the company’s responsibility to make sure that the tea is clean and meets standards. "

 "The Journal of Toxicology published a study in 2013 on toxic heavy metal contaminants in tea. They tested 30 different common teas sold in tea bags. Each tea was tested twice; one sample would be steeped for 3-4 minutes while another sample would be steeped for 15-17 minutes.

  • All teas contained lead; 3 out of every 4 had lead levels that were unsafe for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Teas from China had the highest lead levels.
  • 20% of the teas had high aluminum levels.
  • Some black teas had too much manganese."
We can definitely choose organic and non-GMO certified teas. Today in this world we live in, we must be pro-active in everything! Choose carefully what what we eat and drink and use in our homes!

Read the complete article:

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