More Melting Belly Fat!

Here's more on getting rid of belly fat and just adding good things to our diets.

1. Walnuts!
          Eating walnuts causing the body to store less ad flab. The hormone neuropeptide Y boosts formation of belly fat, and the more belly fat you have, the more of the hormone you make. To break this cycle, snack on 1 oz. walnuts daily. That’s 7 walnuts (or 14 halves) in one ounce. ( I’m going to Weight Watchers now and they do recommend eating nuts! There is proof for sure!)

2. Target Belly Fat with OLIVE OIL.
          There are compounds in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil that increase calorie burn inside abdominal fat for up to 5 hours after eating. Avoid frying with extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin means the olive oil was squeezed for a first time. Extra virgin olive oil is clearer in color and is well suited for salad dressings, less for cooking. The more virgin it is, the better it is for you. Extra virgin olive oil is particularly rich in the phenolic antioxidants as well as oleic acid and squalene. Take a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil every day to promote a healthy heart. High consumption leads to considerable protection against skin cancer, colon, coronary heart disease and aging by inhibiting oxidative stress. Olive oil lowers your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It's probably due to its polyphenol content. Ten grams of extra-virgin olive oil contains five mg of polyphenols. Sunflower oil has no polyphenols. Olive oil contains also flavonoids. Flavonoids and polyphenols are healthy antioxidants. (Weight Watchers recommends 2 servings of healthy oils a day. Choose 1 tbsp of of the Olive Oil on your salad!)

3. Slim Down with CLA
          There have been studies that show that taking 3,000 mg. daily of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) a fatty acid found in meat and dairy foods, helps you lose up to 7 pounds of abdominal fat in 3 months!

4. Wine!
          Women who sip roughly 4 oz. of wine daily tend to have smaller waistlines than those who have fewer or no drinks weekly, this from the University of Buffalo study. Small doses of wine make body cells more sensitive to insulin, helping them absorb and use blood sugar before it can be stored as abdominal fat. ( I put this one in, some people may be interested. I don’t think I’ll do it. With Weight Watchers it’s 4 points plus. What I do take is a product called Provex CV which has the resveratrol in it. ProvexCV® is a patented formula that combines the antioxidant power of premium grape seeds with an exclusive blend of resveratrol, quercetin, green tea extract, and bromelain   Science has found that you can get the benefits of grapes without the alcohol found in wine and the calories in grape juice! Yup! This is what I will make sure I’m taking every day!!! Ask me about it.)

5. Pedometers help!
          Wearing a pedometer, which counts how many steps you take each day, can help you lose belly fat! Those who wear it lost belly fat up to 60% faster than those who didn’t. It makes it easier to track your activity and ensure you reach the 10,000 steps daily needed to jump start your weight loss!

Now my dear friend gave me a list of 5 belly fighting foods so we’ll see how many we’ve hit on:
1.     Oils
2.     Olives
3.     Nuts and Seeds
4.     Avocados
5.     Dark Chocolate

I’ll get the details on olives, seeds, avocados and …yummmm dark chocolate next time!
Little changes lead to fabulous big changes!

Make it a great day!


  1. Oh, I wish I liked walnuts! I may have to cultivate a taste for them...

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