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Did you know that the dropping nutrient levels in our food make it harder than ever to provide our bodies with the critical nutrients we need to maintain health and longevity?

Are supplements the answer? With the global supplement market expected to reach $60 billion by 2020, you would think they are.

Unfortunately, most supplements on the market are not properly absorbed by the body, so the value of the supplement is reduced or lost. 

Meet Janice. View the following video learn about her experience with the ONLY supplements that we would recommend. 
You may “think” you are eating healthy BUT a Kushi Institute analysis of nutrient data compared 12 vegetables from 1975 to those in 1997 and found calcium levels had dropped 37%. Vitamin A levels dropped 21%, and vitamin C levels had fallen 30%!

Equally alarming is what has increased in fruits and vegetables—sugar and starch. The most popular variety of corn on the market now contains almost 40% sugar, and similar increases have occurred in many other fruits and vegetables.

A similar study published in the British Food Journal compared 20 vegetables from 1930 to their 1980 counterparts and saw that iron levels dropped 22% and potassium fell 14%.

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