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Alternatives to Expensive Medicare Drugs?

A recent news article shows the millions and millions of dollars spent on how much the Medicare program pays for medicines under Medicare's Part D prescription program for seniors. The most commonly used medicines include those for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. In New Jersey, that translated into 2.5 million scripts written for hypertension drugs.
"In theory, diet and exercise could lessen the need for such medications", Hempstead said, program director at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Princeton, where she specializes in health insurance and price transparency and value."Although I'm not quite sure how preventable these conditions are by the time people are on Medicare."

Read more: See the 10 most expensive Medicare drugs in N.J. 

We have a choice with how we care for our bodies. We all know to watch our diets - salt, sugar and carbs. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Don't smoke...all of the above! Healthy people who maintain their ideal weight could live seven years longer!  We all need help!   

 A US manufacturing company develops unprecedented, research proven, and patented technologies that can address many health issues that arise as we get older such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and insulin resistance. These products don't have the side effects or the high price as many prescription drugs! 
I've been using them and got off a beta blocker and lost weight! I'm determined NOT to be on prescription drugs when I hit the "Medicare years"!

Here's to being healthy, smart and safe!

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