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Questions You Must Ask When Looking into a Home Business


All too often I see people struggle in that "Get rich quick" business, and it is so unfortunate! Here are some questions you should ask about ANY home business. Check it out!

There are some questions you MUST ask… BEFORE getting involved.

The purpose of anyone starting to work from home is to earn an income… and yet so many people end up only spending money and getting hurt. It’s so sad. 

Do yourself a favor… refer to this list of questions and get them ALL answered. If the business you’re looking into is legit, the person telling you about the company will be able to answer ALL of the following questions. 

1. Has the company been in business longer than five years? Most companies will fail in their first 5 years. You want to get involved with a company that has a solid track record. 

2. Is the company financially sound? Is the company debt-free? Do NOT get involved with a company that is already in debt!

3. Does the company have strong management? Is the company run by MLM people? If so, BEWARE! They own the “downlines” and will make business decisions based on making themselves more money, rather than helping everyone in the business. They will look for ways to line their own pockets.

4. Does the company manufacture unique consumable products? Are these products that people ALREADY need, use, run out of and already have to re-purchase?? This can’t be about people spending extra money that isn't already part of any everyday expense. Are the products better than what people can just go to the store to buy? Are the prices comparable or less expensive than it’s competitors?? If not… why would people switch from they already shop? There must be great value for the customer.

5.What is the company MONTHLY re-order rate? Meaning, what percentage of customers/business builders come back and shop EVERY month? If this percentage is lower than 95%… move on! If people aren’t ordering, they quit… and you will be spinning your wheels constantly replacing all the people who quit. There needs to be overwhelming value to be a customer and to keep wanting the products… even if they aren’t building a business and earning an income.

6. What is the monthly quota? Do I have to sell a certain amount each month? Do I have to “recruit” so many people each month to stay active? How much do I have to buy each month? This must be low – not spending extra money but rather buying what you normally would have to buy anyway. ~~No New Money~~

7. How much is the start-up cost? If this is over $50… SAY NO! There should be NO buying of inventory included with a start-up cost. The person referring you should NOT earn a bonus on this start-up fee. 

8. What is the company attrition? Meaning… how many people are cancelling every month? This number needs to be low. If people are quitting, they are not ordering. Again, there must be overwhelming value in simply being a customer. This is what creates life-long residual income.

9. Is this a “ground-floor” deal? What happens when it’s no longer “ground-floor”??? Bad news travels fast! This is why most MLM companies get a bad name – when people get hurt and lose money – they tell everyone they know.

10. Are there breakaways?? If so, RUN! You should not be penalized for enrolling someone that does better than you. You should NOT lose a business partner because they do better than you! Leadership development should be REWARDED – NOT penalized! The company needs to be built on a sense of gain – not a fear of loss. Many MLM companies today use Binary Plans — They really go against solid business principles — they reward the non-producer in order to get paid. 

11. Is there a 100% money back guarantee?? There MUST be a satisfaction guarantee on BOTH the start-up fee AND any products/services you purchase. If you aren’t happy, you need to ensure there is a no-risk, no questions asked way to get a full refund. 

12. How much of the population already use these products/services? The products and/or services must be things the average person already has to buy. You don’t want a product that is specific to a certain market… Take the weight loss industry… There are already millions of products on the market all competing with each other… and this is a specific market… not everyone needs, uses and repurchases weight loss products… makes you limited to a certain market. You want to get involved with a company that makes products that EVERYONE already needs. Otherwise you will become very limited.

13. How much is the training material? Do I have to pay to be mentored? Do I have to buy books, CDs, any training materials? You should NOT ever be charged for training!!! You should automatically be guided, supported and mentored by the person referring you… they should be with you every step of the way. NOT get you in and leave you to figure it out on your own!

14. How long has the person referring you been with the company? How many companies have they been with over the past 5 years? If the person referring you has been with the company a short time… that’s ok… AS LONG AS THEY AREN’T JUMPERS — meaning if the person has been with several different companies over the past 5 years… why?? Are they someone who jumps from company to company to company? If so… you might want to steer clear.

I could go on and on… the bottom line is it’s up to YOU to ask the questions.

There is NO such thing as get-rich-quick… these are SCAMS! Stay Away!!

Make it a great day!

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