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Walk Aerobics Ok With Prolapse!

I've been using the Hab-It DVD by Tasha Mulligan: Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer. On her website you can ask her questions (rectocele, prolapse bladder, prolapse uterus) and she really does answer them!

 I was glad to hear that she said that Leslie Sansone's Walk Aerobics was a good program!

Here's her reply to my question.


I have been doing the Leslie Sansone Walking workouts, 3 miles and 5 miles. I do low kicks 45* angle. Can I go to 90* angle or is that putting too much pressure on pelvic floor? Leslie says to pull in the stomach. I pull up in the kegel the whole time which also pulls in the stomach. She does side steps, side knee lifts and twists and back kicks.
I’ve also been doing Denise Austin. I do back lunges with 5 lb weights then squats with 5 lb weights. I’m thinking the weight might be too much.
Thank you for all you do and any suggestions!

Looks like you have found a good program.  Her cues to pull your belly in is great and your knowledge of pulling “up and in” is even better.  You can definitely do 90 degree leg kicks, just be sure you are able to hold neutral spine and do NOT breath hold, not even for a second.  The same holds true for your squats and lunges with your weights.  As long as you can do them in neutral spine and without any type of breathhold you are good to go!
You may be interested in my 7 Day Advanced Stabilization program for even further strengthening of your pelvic basket!

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