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Grandpa's Gift

When I was 10 yrs. old my father brought me to his homeland, Poland.

I loved Grandpa (Dziadek) so much.  We were going on a train and Dziadek bought me some candies. They were wrapped in white paper, like a cone and he said these candies are called Krowa or Cow. They tasted wonderful. 

Well while grocery shopping here years later, I found a Polish section of foods down one of the aisles! I saw a box of Polish candies with a Cow (krowa) on the box cover. Well I bought them and sure enough it was that same candy Dziadek had bought me so long ago. I began to CRY!

What a sweet man that he bought me these candies that I loved so much and here so many years later I have found these same candies in my own country.  Thoughts of my beautiful Dziadek came rushing to my mind as the taste of this candy brought me back in time. How gentle a soul he was to me.
 I ran to my children's school at lunchtime to give them each this candy so they could both participate just a little in my experience of love from their great grandfather.
 How I miss him.  
Oh Lord I KNOW that Dziadek is in your loving hands and I thank you for that little gift...the candy that brought him close to me once more.

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