Lice Prevention and Treatment, that time of year!!

My family was hit twice over the years with LICE. Horrible is all I can say, but what I can tell you is that we were saved by using the BEST natural products!

Getting lice is not related to cleanliness. Instead some experts report that lice are actually attracted to clean unscented hair. Since lice cannot jump or fly, they spread by close head to head contact. And even though they only live about a day or two without feeding, it is possible to catch lice by sharing hats, clothing, combs, and brushes. Symptoms of an infestation include intense itching, a "something is crawling on my head" feeling, and some kids will scratch so much that they can develop a bacterial infection.

Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and inhaled, by both the child and whomever is applying the chemicals. Using a pesticide to kill the lice can be more dangerous than the lice infestation.

Chemical exposures information.

If you think your child has lice, do not panic. There are three basic things you will need to do: 
1. Kill the living lice. 
2. Remove the attached eggs, also known as nits. 
3. Avoid re-infestation.

We used a product with the highest grade of Melaleuca oil and it not only killed the lice but the eggs too because it penetrates! It was just amazing! I just poured it full strength on my daughter's head and put a shower cap on for about a half hour then ran the pediculosis comb through her hair.

Be sure to remove the Nits which are tiny, and tightly cemented to the hair shaft. The Nits hatch in seven to ten days. The CDC tells us nits located more than 1/4 inch from the base of the hair shaft may already be hatched, or be empty nits. And while those nits probably will not hatch lice, some schools still have a no-nit policy, requiring that the child stay home until all traces of a lice infestation, especially the nits, are gone.

We used a special comb that we purchased at the drug store. I later ordered one directly from the National Pediculosis Association. I still bring it on vacation if we stay in hotels. I was that traumatized by the whole experience!

An Australian study compared the efficacy and safety of three lice treatments. 
1. A formula with Melaleuca oil and lavender oil. 
2. A lice 'suffocation' product. 
3. A product containing pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide (pesticide). 

The results demonstrated that the Melaleuca oil and lavender product, and the lice 'suffocation' product, did a better job eliminating lice than the pesticide product.

I also sprayed full strength Sol-U-Mel all over the house, couches etc. It kills lice and dust mites too! 

Be sure to wash all the bedding in hot water and a hot dryer!

For prevention: 
In a four ounce spray bottle of water, add three drops of Melaleuca oil, and three drops of lavender oil

In the morning lightly spray your child's hair. The scent will be pleasant to you and your child, and unattractive to lice. Melaleuca and lavender oils are natural insect repellents, and as we have learned from the above cited Australian study, this combination also kills lice.

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  1. Thank you so much for all this great information. We just got the letter sent home saying that a few of the children have had lice recently. I always try to be prepared and I am glad I found your article. It is so informative, I even found a lice removal service near us, just in case. Thanks so much for your post.

  2. HI Brielle, thanks for your comment. I didn't even need to pay anyone to go through our hair. The Melaleuca oil and Solumel went directly into the nits killing them. We just kept combing our hair with the comb from the National Pediculosis Association. The eggs were all dead.