Top 3 Things People Worry About

What do you think the top 3 things people worry about would be?

Looks, money, love, success, family, politics, death?
In my opinion, the top 3 things people worry about would be (in no particular order):
and Family Happiness.

Worry creates stress. Stress can cause our immune system to break down which creates illness. I would suggest that excessive worry can create a life of depression, sadness and sickness.

I also would suggest that most people do NOT do anything about their worries which creates a downward spiral. They worry, yet don’t get a plan in place to move towards alleviating their concerns.
When you have a plan and begin taking steps towards what you can do now, it will lessen your worry and create a feeling of capability. With feeling capable, you can continue moving towards your goals. Each small accomplishment adds to the next creating daily successes.  

Daily successes, will ease your worry and you can enjoy creating a great life!

I’m sure that you would agree that “Money” is definitely in the top 3. Now, I’m not saying money creates happiness, however I would say that NOT having financial peace does create worry in many areas. Here’s a great book recommendation that has and continues to help people to have financial peace. “The Total Money Makeover“.

I am also a big believer in owning your own business in order to be in complete control of your income. If you're interested in what I do visit:

There will always be some worry in our lives, however, I recommend that when you have a worry, be solution focused. Get a plan and begin taking action immediately.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what you think the top 3 things that people worry about are. Please make a comment below and feel free to share on FaceBook and Twitter using the buttons below..:)
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