You must Eliminate Worry to achieve your goals!

Have you ever felt unable to do any thing because your thoughts are overcome with worry? I have and through my experience I realized that the only time worrying is good is if it inspires you to take action to make a change to move forward.

Here are 5 tips to help you Eliminate Worry to Achieve Your Goals.

  1. Focus on the Roots instead of the Fruits: We have all spent too much time thinking and worrying about the end result instead of putting in an effort to actually achieve the result. That result could be called the “Fruit” and has many names: wealth or time freedom, knowledge or talent, dream or goal being accomplished, peace etc. When you look at a tree and see luscious fruits, the fact is it’s because the roots of that  tree are nourished. The roots are: hard work, daily action, belief overcoming fear and doubt, persistence and never quitting, etc.
  2. Live in the Now: Living in the present moment allows you to accomplish far more than worrying about this problem, that problem, this failure or that failure. We must stop waiting for the perfect moment or future events to heal our current problems. Stop worrying about what happened or what could be and begin living in the “now” and begin taking action to accomplish your goals.
  3. Say NO: There are just certain things in life that are simply “not your department”.  The negative news, useless information, situations that are out of your control or even what others think about you. You must become a fan of “NO”. Just say “no” to things that don’t matter or are out of your control. Your success depends on it.
  4. Focus on Solutions, Not Problems: Everyone has problems but instead of being a person with problems, be a person with problems and solutions. Achieving success depends upon developing the ability to worry less and focus on solutions, not problems.
  5. You Don’t Have Time to Worry: Dreams and goals are not achieved by procrastinating. Success eludes those who spend their time worrying about problems or saying yes to things they shouldn’t. The more you worry, the more time you spend on things or issues that are out of your control, the less you act – the less you act, the more you fail. Focus on solutions instead of worrying about the problems. You simply don’t have the time to waste.
Understand that the only problems and stresses in life are the ones we nourish within our own minds. Always remember that the only time that worrying is actually good is when it initiates action to change and achieve!

Your full potential comes when you eliminate worry to achieve your goals.
Please share your thoughts and comments below. I would love to hear from you and any experience you had where you’ve implemented one of those tips to achieve your goals.
To Your Success,

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