A little info on Tide

Walmart  $10.94  Tide 2x Ultra, Clean Breeze, 100 fl oz

DIRECTIONS: Measure with cap
....use more for heavily soiled loads. 
* Contains 64 loads as measured To line #1 on cap.

It SAYS “64 loads” on the front label – but on the back it says you get 64 loads only if you measure to line #1 on the cap.  Can you see line #1?   That’s the whole idea!  It’s the big scam!  They don’t want you to see it!  When you fill up the cap, you get about 21 wash loads – (unless you typically add a little more just for good measure)

That’s 52 cents per wash load!  By the time you’ve done 96 full loads, you would spend about $50.00!

I'll have to tell you about what I use...you get 96 wash loads for only 18 cents per load-

A note :  that isn't to mention the toxins in Tide.  Some people have thrown out their Tide when they use our products, and guess what, the garbage collector said that they couldn't take it, it was considered Toxic Waste!  That happened in Minnesota.  Ours' is better, safer and more cost effective than Tide and other major brands!

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