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Melaleuca Preferred Customer Program

📍You shop Amazon Prime for $99/year

📍You shop Costco for $55/year

$19 for 1 year
to shop for products at a
30%-50% Discount!


Think of it this way:
If a healthier version of Costco offered you a membership for $19 a year, plus $100.00 to spend on free products of your choice over your first 6 months, would you at least try shopping there?
This store offers all of this, plus the products are safer and save you money! I have been shopping from this store for almost 16 years and love everything!

By making one small change, you save money and 

make a positive, healthy impact for you, 

your family and our environment.

Membership Explained
Now save 30 to  50%!

Safer for Your Home

Take the 90 Day Challenge With Melaleuca's Vitamins

The Greener Cleaner Company

View a catalog to learn about our 500+ different wellness products:

Click here to see Melaleuca Awards

Honoring Melaleuca’s 30 + Years of Excellence!

Spanning the past two decades, Melaleuca has been recognized again and again as an exceptional company with an exceptional CEO that accomplishes exceptional things.
Melaleuca has reaped local, state, national and even international accolades for its business prowess and charitable kindness, while Melaleuca Chief Executive Officer Frank VanderSloot has earned awards for his leadership from institutes of higher learning and prestigious business organizations.
Melaleuca’s kindness in times of need has also earned the company awards from the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the Boy Scouts of America. U.S. Senator and former Lt. Governor Jim Risch said of Melaleuca’s giving, “[Melaleuca] opened its pocketbook, opened its heart and saved lives. They were heroes.”
While they may have been given for specific actions, these awards are only the icing on the cake commemorating years of excellence and enhancing lives.

Diamond Brite Automatic Dishwasher Detergent
Convenient single–use packs use natural enzymes to effectively break down food and remove stains, giving your dishes a spot–free shine. Contains no chlorine bleach or phosphates.

Best Eczema Treatment Ever!

Attain is the Answer

Joint Pain? Nothing Beats Replenex!

When you enroll as a Preferred Customer, you can earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars by watching short online videos that further introduce you to Melaleuca and Melaleuca products. Some videos are worth $5, others $10—and you can earn up to $100 in your first five months. You can start earning Loyalty Shopping Dollars by watching videos in your first month of enrollment. Dollars build up in your Loyalty Shopping Dollars account starting in month two, and you can use them whenever you shop. Products purchased with Loyalty Shopping Dollars do not count toward your monthly Product Point commitment.

All New Family-Friendly Insect Repellent

All New Exceed Mints

Burn More Fat With Access Bars


A Message From Our CEO

Several Members Share Their Experience!

Making a Difference

Fellow Moms Share

Business Professionals Share

Building Their Dream

Are You Also Interested in the Business and Earning an Income?
Learn the Details.

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