WEN Hair Care Products Linked To Hair Loss

Most people when purchasing their everyday household products, like toothpaste, deodorant, body wash..things like shampoo, think they're safe. Just because they're on a store shelf or on television they must be just fine! Not so! 
EWG, ( The Environmental Working Group) just came out with information on a class action lawsuit against a famous product advertised on TV, WEN Hair Care Products.

"Court documents, which have not yet been publicly reported, show more than 17,000 American consumers have expressed complaints directly to Guthy-Renker, reporting that they had lost hair or gone bald after using WEN products. Under current federal cosmetic safety regulations, Guthy-Renker, whose second largest product line after the skincare treatment Proactive is WEN, had no obligation to report adverse health events or customer complaints to the Food and Drug Administration."

The FDA doesn’t require companies to submit their product formulations. No one has determined exactly which chemicals or what concentrations or mixtures of chemicals might have caused WEN customers to lose hair. WEN formulations on the market today may vary depending on the product distributor. Some chemicals used in WEN products are potentially risky ingredients. Methylisothiazolinone and its sister substance methylchloroisothiazolinone have been restricted in the European Union for use in personal care products, including hair products. These preservatives are sensitizing allergens. Methylisothiazolinone has been linked to contact dermatitis -- a red, itchy rash. Read more...

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