Emergen-C False Claims! Is it 1000 mg of Vitamin C or 332 mg?

Many people are looking for that “magic bullet” to get rid of their colds and flu. What do they turn to? Usually the most widely advertised products on the market. They trust these products. Surely if they say their product contains these ingredients it will help do the trick! Right?
NO, says Canadian consumer watchdog TV show, “Marketplace”.  
In the first independent lab testing of Pfizer’s Emergen-C they, “found significant quality control issues,” said Neil Thanedar, molecular biologist and the founder and CEO of LabDoor, the company that analyzed the testing.

Marketplace found a Vitamin C product that makes health claims not allowed by Health Canada. Emergen-C Super Orange 1,000 mg had the poorest results, containing only one-third of the Vitamin C content listed on the product label. "The actual content was at 332 mg, not 1,000. That's it, and actually more than 50 per cent of this package is sugar. So a little bit of vitamins and a lot of sugar, in a drink. And consumers need to understand that that's actually what they're taking," says Thanedar.

Eating any kind of sugar has the potential to reduce your body's defenses by 75% or more for four to six hours. This is not new data. In the 1970's Dr. Linus Pauling (one of the greatest researchers in the field of microbiology) discovered that vitamin C helps the body to combat the common cold. As part of the same research, Dr. Pauling found that sugar severely slowsdown this same process.

Pfizer Canada, which makes Emergen-C, said that the company's own testing shows Emergen-C contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C as the label claims. While the Marketplace test is based on a Health Canada standard used to validate the amount of Vitamin C, the company says that is not an effective way to evaluate the product.
"Without a method validated specifically for Emergen-C, any testing cannot be considered valid as the results obtained may not represent the true value of the ingredient being analysed," the company wrote in an email to Marketplace. Read the entire article.
When choosing different herbs, vitamins, supplements or essential oils, be sure to do your research! Education is your best defense. Don’t believe that just because it’s on a store shelf it’s a quality or safe product. Look at clinical studies and science. Do your homework!
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I hope you found this informative!

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