The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Having a career as a waitress for over 19 years took it’s toll on Cathy.


“My last 10 years of waitressing, I had to work 6 days a week, many were double shifts, just to stay afloat. It was our only source of income after my husband was disabled in a car accident.”

Cathy had no savings or medical plan and the debt continued to accumulate every month.

“I was invited to learn about a business I could work from home. I knew it would not be for me but I needed a night out so I decided to go have a look” Cathy says with a laugh.
Screen shot 2012 09 12 at 10.57.15 AM The Light at the End of the TunnelDuring that evening, Cathy continued to lean a little forward as she heard the information. “I was intrigued with what I was learning. My energy level lifted. I was in shock because I felt that I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel,” She says.

Cathy decided to start her home business and has never looked back. As her income continued to grow she was able to consistently pay off debt every month.  ”Within 5 years I was completely debt-free with savings for our future. Without this business, it would have taken me a lifetime or longer to pay off the incredible amount of debt we had.”

Today, Cathy has earned over $550,000 dollars with her “little” home business and it continues to grow every month.  

“The residual income has been a life saver for me as well. Over the years I have had my own personal health issues and even though I was unable to work some months, my check each month has always been there. That’s real financial security.”
Cathy loves what this business has done for her, and even more so what it has done for others.  ”When I told my father about starting this business he gave me a wonderful book and inside he inscribed a message,” says Cathy.
It read; ‘Cathy, how happy you made me this morning. In order to have success with your business, you must teach others to have success. What a noble mission.’
“His message has and always will keep me focused on what matters most.”


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