How To Export Your Friends Email Addresses from Facebook

What would happen if we woke up tomorrow and our Facebook account had been shut down or worse Facebook is completely shut down.  How would we contact all of the friends and our sphere we have nurtured on Facebook?
Have you been looking for a quick, easy and legal way to easily download all your friends email addresses from Facebook?  Many social media speakers claim there is not a way to do this therefore passing up on gathering awesome information and building your list from your connections online.  All you need is a Yahoo account which is FREE and easy to set up.
The easiest way if you don’t already have a Yahoo account is head on over to and click the Facebook icon. A login dialog should pop-up, just sign-in with your Facebook credentials and within seconds, you entire Facebook address book will be available inside your Yahoo Mail Account.

Once the import is done, click here to download a CSV file with the email addresses of all your Facebook contacts to your desktop.  Or in your account go to Contacts>Tools>Export
Once you have exported your Facebook contacts you can then import the CSV file into Gmail Contacts, Outlook, Top Producer, Wise Agents, your phone address book or anywhere you can upload a CSV file to connect with your existing Facebook friends.  If you have difficulty with importing your Facebook Address Book through Yahoo! you may need to open your Facebook page and choose “Application Settings” under Account. Next remove the “Yahoo! Contact Importer” application from your Facebook profile and try the  export again.

That was easy!!
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